#WIDH – A Confluence of Ideas on Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities being a relatively new area of study for me, my early thoughts on joining the Winter Institute in Digital Humanities were like – should I join this, how much will I be able to take from it, will I be able to relate to it, and so on. Having attended the talks and workshops during the last four days at WIDH, those queries in my head are getting answered. The scholarly talks and subsequent discussions have opened the window to a whole new set of ideas, realities, knowledge, perspectives, methods, and digital tools & technology. The workshops, although a bit difficult to get a grip on, have launched us into a space alien to us hitherto.

Digital systems and technology have entered almost every sphere of our lives and affect us in one way or the other. It has changed the way we interact, feel, behave, read, write, preserve and consume information, teach, learn, build opinions, share knowledge, ideas, and see the world. Various streams of Social Sciences and Humanities have also adopted and echoed to this significant social change, which has resulted into blurring of boundaries for research scope, information archiving and dissemination, and reach to the multiple stakeholders / users / contributors of that information. It helps present complex data in an interesting and easy to understand manner.

While the world has become smaller with new ways in Digital Humanities, it must also consider and address some of the critical issues such as diversity, racism, gender bias, and inclusivity of on-ground socio-cultural, historical aspects. It must raise right questions, at the right time and place in order to prevent the masses from being pawns in the hands of technology.

Looking forward to more such insightful topics, sessions and discussions in the coming days. Cheers!!!