My #WIDH Journey: A Comic Strip

Hey, fellow #WIDH explorers!

I have tried to create a comic strip depicting the first three days of my #WIDH journey and how they’ve impacted me and made me think, academically and otherwise. In the past few days, I have realised how scary some new softwares seem to me and I have resolved to let go of that fear by putting myself out there and exploring the newer digital methods. This comic strip is my ridiculous way of engaging with the same. (Taking one step at a time, you see.)

I’m sorry I couldn’t figure out how to upload a high quality image over here, but have tried to do my best. I hope you all can see this clearly. If not, let me know. I’ll try and send it somewhere else. Or if you know how I can upload it in a much better way, please help!

Moreover, this is my very first attempt at making a comic strip, so pardon my naivete and be kind, please.


By Ayushi Khemka

Of pens and keys.

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Thank you so much! I was just thinking how silly this looks. I tried making this one on Pixton. It’s a free website to create comics. But it doesn’t let you print or download your work unless you’re willing to pay, of course. I realised that a bit too late and then had to settle for taking a screenshot. Would love to discuss it more with you.

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This is very interesting way of doing digital humanities. You have in fact opened up possibilities of thinking go beyond narrating experience only in text or video.I personally do not know this possibility of using the space of comic strip to engage with “serious subjects”. Great!


Thanks a lot, Srikanth. And I’m equally sceptical about using comics as a medium for a much serious engagement with DH. But let’s see. I’m gonna try and explore the medium for some time.


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